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Unconventional Yet Intentional Fun for Spring Break

It's spring break time around here and the time of year when it seems like everyone is traveling somewhere warm and full of sunshine! For us here in the Midwest, after a long and gray winter, that sounds like the perfect way to spend a week off of school/work.

However, not everyone can take a trip over spring break week and I’m sure for a lot of people social media makes that even harder– I get it. My husband is at his busy time of year for work right now and working 7 days straight, so traveling wasn't an option for us this year.

But, with this being our 5th year of him working this schedule at this time of year, I thought ahead a little bit before we took our spring break week, (homeschooling allows you the freedom to be able to schedule it whenever you like!) I did realize one important thing

If you plan with intention, you can still have a spectacular spring break, on your own terms and one that your kids will be happy with and their love tanks fulfilled on.

So if you’re in the same boat as us with demanding work schedules right now, or you don’t have the finances to travel right now, or maybe even health is limiting travel right now, read on to gain some insight and tips on how to still have fun with your family, in your own way, right where you are at in this season of life.

I know we were going to be taking a big vacation at the end of May this year so I wanted to find a way to still have fun with my kids this week, but at the same time, not spend a whole lot of money.

I set out last weekend to spend some time planning some activities that we could do close to our community that my kids would enjoy, that was different from our day to day routine, but that would still feel special.

We started out our spring break with lunch out together at their favorite deli and a quick stop at the bakery after. A perfect way to enjoy a relaxing afternoon!

After a “way too long winter”, we were thrilled to be able to take our spring break week on one of the first beautifully warm and bright sunshine filled weeks of the year so far! Hello Vitamin D!

We took full advantage of this. So the second day, we packed up our dog and set out to a nearby park/trail for some fun. She is only 2 years old and new to adventures out and about with us so this was a nice way to spend some time playing at the park and taking her on a walk with us. There may have even been a “pup cup” treat for her after the outing. Does anyone else have fur friends that love those DQ pup cups?

We headed to the movies on the one rainy day we had this week and saw Sing 2 (highly recommend by all of us too by the way) and finished the night off with a pizza party and Disney movie Cruella at the grandparent's house. My kids haven’t done this with their grandparents since before Covid and were thrilled with this one! I highly recommend scheduling a night of fun like this.

Finally, to wrap up our week of fun, as I write today, I'm settled in at a small picnic table under the cutest little gazebo at a nearby state park. Our pup is with us again, enjoying the sunshine while my kids swing and build creative things in the sand. I can't help but soak in the memories, no matter how small they are because it is still time together. And in my book, this is one of the most important gifts you can give your kids–your time. Despite no grand vacation for spring break this time around, my kids still had an enjoyable week and are relaxed and ready to finish out the school year strong. We made memories together, grew closer together, and had a whole lot of laughs. Anyone else just love the sound of laughter from children?

All of this was because I intentionally set out to make it a fun week no matter how big or small. My kids are getting older now (I can't believe my oldest is headed to teenhood soon!) but the sweetest sound to this mama's ears is sitting out in nature, feeling the stillness around me and hearing their voices as they work earnestly together to create their masterpiece. I know these days won't last forever, and I'm going to soak them all in with all I’ve got. For these are the moments that will carry you through life.

My encouragement for you today is to find the joys in the simpleness. Take time to get to know your children for who they are in their souls, not just on the surface. Take time to spend some time being still in nature. Take time to make those memories no matter how insignificant they are. Because when you look back years from now, it's the small moments that will still have written a piece of your story in your heart.

I'm grateful for the week we had together. I'm grateful for such agreeable children that are up for any adventure I suggest. And I'm grateful for a wonderful husband who works so tirelessly so we can afford the blessed life we have. There is joy to be found in all life if we just look around.

So let me know what did you do on spring break this year? Anyone else enjoy a week like we did?

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