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One thing I have struggled with in recent years is putting systems in place that will help me intentionally be able to manage my house well. I'm not sure if it was the quick changes to our family dynamic or not, but I felt like when it was just me and my daughter, I had a better handle on things. But within the span of a year, I got married and had a second child. Since then, embarrassing to say, almost 7 years ago, my systems have been struggling to say the least.

I am committed to making lasting changes that will benefit our household and help calm the chaos in my day to day schedule.

In recent years, I have found that intentionality plays a big role in many areas of our lives. And family systems is one place where it benefits everyone in the household to have systems in place.

Systems help things run smoothly. They allow everyone to know what the expectations are and they help minimize confusion among family members.

From what I have found by not adapting my prior systems to work with our new family dynamic, lack of systems also leads to a feeling of constantly being behind.

We are a small family of 4 with 3 dogs, and a modest size house so maintaining the house and upkeep isn't extremely overwhelming. However, I have also realized that our overwhelm and chaotic feelings are heightened the more we are out of the house.

For example, Thursdays are typically our busiest days throughout the school year and I have noticed lately when Friday morning comes around, I am extremely overwhelmed before the day even gets started. I have attributed that to the fact that by the time we get home Thursday nights, I just want to get the kids in bed and relax. The last thing I want to do after a full day is tackle any serious business.

I am now revamping our weeks so that we can simplify our days with effective systems in place that can help our days flow smoothly. Of course there will be times when this doesn't work for a particular day or even days in a row. However, that's why not being rigid in your routine is so important. Allowing some flex room and not making your systems so complex is important.

One of the first systems I changed recently that has been a game changer for me is the way I attack laundry. I am one of those minority few who doesn't mind doing laundry. However, I had been feeling so behind with it in recent months and always felt like it was a daunting task. I decided to simplify my system and everyone gets one day a week ( this helps because we only have 4 in our family) that I do their laundry. It then becomes a small load to do that takes about 5 minutes to fold and 5 to put away. It's simple because all the items from the basket go to the same person's room. As small as it may seem, this even helps out mentally because there is less active thought that needs to go into doing it since it belongs to the same family member.

That leaves me only 1 load to do per day so if something extra comes up, it's not that big of a deal to wash something quick because I'm no longer under a mountain of laundry. I then have 2 days to get towels and sheets done and any extra laundry. That leaves 1 extra day open with most weeks having a day off from laundry but it also is a buffer day to keep things from piling up into the next week.

This is such a simple system that most of you are going to say you already d o something similar. I may be behind in the game, but every little step forward helps me intentionally serve my family well and I will count that as a win!

So what simplified systems do you have in place that you have found helps you intentionally serve your family well? My hope is that this becomes a community where we can help each other out and walk this journey we call life--together. So share away!

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