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6 Things You Can Easily Do With Your Kids On The First Day of Summer Break

School's out for the summer! In our area, most of the schools are done and kids have officially started summer break, so everyone is ready for lazy days and sunshine!

Ever since I was a kid, I remember the start of summer break being something we looked forward to and not just for the break from school, but also to get to spend time with my mom. We are a close-knit family and we had lots of fun over the summers, so I look back fondly on them.

Therefore, it was only natural that when I had my daughter, I committed to doing the small little things that don't seem like much in the moment but are those lasting things that can leave an impact on a child's heart.

I have compiled a list of 6 simple things you can do with your kids this summer to make it a memorable one!

Special lunch on the last day of school

If your kids get out early for their last day of school, one way to create lasting memories is to do a special lunch out with them on that day.

Ice Cream

Make it a yearly tradition to stop for ice cream in the afternoon after school lets out. Not only will the kids be looking forward to summer break, but they will also love the tradition of going out for ice cream on the last day of school.

Chat and Color

This one fits no matter what your kids age. Are they young? Then pretty much any coloring book goes. However for older kids and teens, they would most likely prefer one of those coloring books that is geared for adults. There are even themed ones out now that cater toward teen interests. You are never too old to relax and color and what better way to do that than by chatting about the past year. This will give you a chance to get to know your kids better and it will give them a chance to release all their thoughts and feelings about the past year so they can enter summer with clear minds and hearts. The benefits of chatting with your kids will be a featured post later on, but the benefits are astounding and would make for a fun, relaxing afternoon filled with laughs.

Movies and Popcorn

Head to the local theater to catch the latest release. Usually by the end of the school year, there is some movie that recently came out that my kids have been begging to see that we just didn't have time for in April or May. Now would be the perfect way to spend the first afternoon of summer break.

Head to a local Park

Before picking the kids up from school, pack a snack type of picnic and games like bubbles, balls, frisbees, etc. and just spend some time running around a park and playing. Even older kids and teens can find something fun to do at a park. You could even coordinate this with another family or two or even cousins and enjoy the time together. No one seems to get people together for a pickup game of baseball anymore. Now would be the perfect time to bring it back.

Local Coffee Shop

Do you only have teens or older children? You could make it a tradition to stop by the local coffee shop after the last day of school and even spend some time sitting together and planning out the summer. Give everyone a chance to list what they would live to do with their summer and come up with a family plan to implement those.

No matter what you do, big or small, you have the potential to create an awesome start to a much needed summer break for your kiddos. The 6 tips mentioned above are just a starting point. You don't even have to choose something that costs money. Just setting aside special time for them in your own home or backyard will help nurture their souls and will ease everyone into what will hopefully be a great summer!

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