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5 Quality Back To School Items Worth Buying

Are your kids headed back to school soon? Perhaps you are headed off to college yourself? Or even you could be a professional needing to update your office supply inventory. No matter what role you identify with, we have you covered.

This article will share with you our tips for 5 top items that are worth including on your list for this back to school season.


We intentionally selected items that met the following criteria:


Proven quality through reviews or years of business success


These aren’t items that will break the bank


Items that will stand the test of time, not need to be replaced a few months into the school year


Items that will bring efficiency in your day to day work

So let’s get to it! Please note: We have included affiliate links to all items mentioned below. While this is of no added cost to you, purchasing through these links helps grow my small blog, so thank you in advance.

Jansport Backpack

Jansport is a company that most of us are familiar with. They have been in business since 1972. They have been providing high quality backpacks for generations of students.

Amazon has this Jansport Right Pack (the original style) in a beautiful yellow color, as well as many other colors to suit your personal style.

Or you can go for this SuperBreak Style if you are looking for something more lightweight



This dry erase whiteboard is magnetic, the perfect size at 16 x 22, and comes with a stand so you can put it on a table or desk while in use. When you’re done, just fold it up and tuck it away. If your house doesn’t have an available dedicated space to hang a whiteboard, this will be perfect for you!


Noise Canceling Headphones

These headphones come highly rated and are perfect for at home or traveling. They would be great for those study sessions where you need to focus without being interrupted. One of our favorite features is that they can support up to 40 hours of playtime before needing to be charged, but when you do need to charge them, just 5 minutes worth can get you an additional 4 hours of playtime–that’s awesome!


First Aid Kit

Do you have a student heading off to college in just a few short weeks? This next one is for them! We discovered the DormDoc Company a few weeks ago and were amazed by the quality of products they have. Almost makes me wish I was in college again, almost.

This kit is called the DormDoc College Medical Kit and comes with everything they will need while away from home. It has 175 pieces split between medicine and first aid supplies. One of the coolest features is that it comes with color coded directions for medicine use. How cool is that?! Helps bring some peace of mind to your college students taking the right medications for the right ailments as well as the correct doses. One less thing for a mama heart to worry about.

Our favorite is this blue color (makes it easy to find quickly in a dorm room), but it also comes in black and red. You can’t go wrong with any of them.


Office Chair

A comfortable office chair is important no matter if you are a student or a working adult. This chair comes in a few colors. My daughter has the pink and we love it.

It is a very comfortable chair and lightweight enough to roll easily but doesn't feel flimsy. With a budget friendly price tag and both bold and neutral colors, you can’t go wrong with this one


Let us know in the comments which items you chose or if you already have any of these, let us know what you love about it. Feel free to share any other items you think would be of benefit to others to intentionally prepare their kids or themselves for this back to school season

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